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Hello Charlie

"We have been so impressed with the results and the new customers generated by Advantate that we are extending our contract. I have decided to redirect some of our print advertising budget into increasing my search engine marketing budget."

Hello Charlie was founded in 2004 by Vanessa Layton and specialises in importing, distributing and retailing quality eco-friendly baby products. As the website acts as a shop window for Hello Charlie, a strong web presence is imperative for Vanessa's success.

Before Advantate, Hello Charlie was running a variety of online and offline marketing activities. Print Advertising in parenting and baby magazines, public relations and an in-house search marketing campaign received mixed results, so when Vanessa was contacted by Advantate, she immediately saw the benefit of leaving it to the experts.

She now has an experienced and dedicated account manager, who uses their expert knowledge to manage and monitor her campaign daily. Thanks to Advantate, Hello Charlie is not only achieving a financial saving of 41 per cent on its previous search marketing budget, but is now enjoying a better conversion of leads to sales.

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Pookinuk is a specialist online business offering home delivery of premium quality pet foods and accessories.

Whilst they already ran a successful business, they knew they needed to do more to remain competitive, and to get the maximum value from their website. This is where Advantate comes in. Pookinuk decided that handing over the reins of their online marketing campaign to the professionals, was the best way to go. Shortly after, Advantate launched a PPC Campaign, and Pookinuk have not looked back since. How do we know? Well, seven months into the campaign, the Pookinuk website is averaging 300 new sales every month.

Azimuth Connections

"When we get busy and forget about our search engine marketing, we know Advantate will ensure our web marketing continues to go well."

Azimuth Connections runs an online booking service for people looking to holiday in the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley and along the Great Ocean Road. As an online business, the success of Azimuth Connections relies on a strong presence in search engines like Google, so that potential customers researching their next holiday will always find them first.

Before working with Advantate, Azimuth were investing time and energy into an internally run Google adwords campaign, which saw a click through rate (CTR) of less than half a percent. They decided to try Advantate because, while the market was there, they simply were not getting the results they needed on their own.

Azimuth has since enjoyed a dramatic increase in traffic to their site- with an improved CTR of almost five percent- and leaving the hard work to an expert means that they can rest assured in the knowledge that their marketing budget is being spent in the most effective way possible. Advantate's services have saved them time and money; they no longer worry about how they will get people through the door, their extra time is now spent catering to the needs of their customers.

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"I tried Pay Per Click before on my own and came to a point where it didn't work. I didn't have the time to do it anymore or to figure out all the little details so I decided I should actually hand it over to Advantate."

Heide McConkey is a sex therapist and professional counsellor. Her business, Affirmotive, has been in operation for over 10 years and provides services that are considered to be of a highly personal and sensitive nature.

Heide knew people were definitely searching for her services online, as it is the preferred non-invasive way of searching. After several unsuccessful attempts to run Search Marketing campaigns in-house, Heide decided to invest in Advantate.

Heide's dedicated account manager, built Affirmotive's strong search marketing campaign based on research and expert knowledge, he also continues to monitor the campaign daily, and keeps Heide regularly updated with her progress. Heide immediately received more enquiries and clients, and found more time to spend on the business.

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"It's not just handing it over to someone, it's handing it over to someone who is a specialist in the web marketing industry. It's about the experience, the knowledge, the maintenance they provide and the ability to create ads to Google and Yahoo's specifications."

Lynda Day founded Earlybirds in 2002. An online business aimed at developing clothes specifically for premature and small babies.

Having a strong background in marketing, Lynda could see the importance of website exposure, and saw search engines as being her means of connecting with searchers. Growing the business required Lynda to spend more time marketing the website, however this was time Lynda did not have.

Lynda decided to outsource Earlybirds search engine marketing to Advantate to solve her time management problem.

She knew the direct customers she had were coming via the internet , so now it was about reaching more of them. Advantate worked with Lynda to build a positioning strategy on Google and Yahoo to target these potential clients.

Advantate has helped Earlybirds build and maintain a competitive position on both Google and Yahoo, despite a new series of competitors entering the marketplace. Lynda is now in discussions with her dedicated Account Manager in furthering her online promotion by trialling banner advertising and other online resources.

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